Stamps General

Catalogue numbers for stamps are generally from the Dai Nippon catalogues. Exceptions are the following:

Cross overprints

Sumatra cross overprints may be in accordance with the more detailed definitions from Dr. W. Bruijnesteijn v. Coppenraet. These can be found in the Library under Cross overprints.


NICA Soemba and NICA Timor definitions are from G.J. Bessels’ book on these overprints.

Bali anchors

Malayan stamps used on the Riouw, Lingga, and Anambbas Islands and other occupation stamps used outside the Dutch East Indies are taken from the Japanese JSCA catalogue.


The manual anchors of Bali and Lombok are from studies by J.R. van Nieuwkerk. They can be found in the Library under Bali anchors.

Stationery General

Catalogue numbers for postal stationery are generally taken from P.R. Bulterman’s catalogue.

Cancellations General

Cancellations are per the new Dai Nippon classification. This can be found in the Library under Cancellations.

Other codes used in lot descriptions
C + number

C stands for cancellation and the number represents the cancellation type in the above mentioned classification.


c.t.o. stands for cancelled-to-order.


F stands for fragment and means the stamp is on a fragment.

Example            53g-43'', Bima, 19.8.4, C 120 F

53g stands for overprint type 53 in green and is a Bali anchor. 43'' represents a 10 cent van Konijnenburg type II. Bima is the town name in the cancellation. 19.8.4 is the Japanese Showa date meaning August 4, 1944. C 120 F stands for cancel type 120 on fragment.

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