The auctions are only open to members. That is for both buyers and sellers.


There are six auctions per year, one in conjunction with each of the five club meetings, plus a summer auction during July.


Bids should be submitted to the Auctioneer, L.B. Vosse. Bidding can be done by mail, and email. There is no bidding at the time of the meetings. The deadline for bids is 12:00 (noon) Central European Time on the first Saturday following the meeting.

Amounts listed in the auction catalogue are starting bids. Bids below these amounts are not accepted. Starting bids are determined by the Auctioneer, though sellers may request minimum bids. Bid increments are as follows:

up   to10  euros0,50
from10  to20 1,00
from 20  to50 2,00
from 50   to100 5,00
from 100  to300 10,00
from 300  to500 25,00
above 500    50,00

The lot will be sold to the highest bidder at one bid increment above the amount bid by the second highest bidder. In case of equal bids, the one received first will be considered the successful bid.


All lots are displayed for viewing at the club meetings. Scans of exceptional or rather expensive lots will be shown on the website. There is no viewing opportunity for the summer auction.

Auction Commissions
and Costs

There are no sales commissions for buyers. The final amount due consists of the amount of the winning bid plus postage and handling.

Purchases exceeding € 75 will be sent by registered mail unless other arrangements have been made with the Auctioneer.

Sellers will receive the amount of the winning bid less a 7% sales commission.

Payment and Ownership

Payment is due within 14 days of receipt of the invoice, unless other arrangements are made with the Auctioneer, for example, in order to authenticate the lot.

Risk transfers to the highest bidder at the time he/she has been awarded the lot. Ownership transfers once payment has been received.


Disputes, for example, for incorrectly described or damaged material, should be submitted to the Auctioneer within 14 days of receipt of the lots. If the buyer doubts the authenticity of a lot, he should also inform the Auctioneer within 14 days. The buyer can then request the lot be authenticated by an expert committee, provided the starting bid of the lot in question exceeded € 100. Should the expert committee find the lot authentic, then the cost to authenticate it are for the buyer.

Selling Material
at the Auction

Material should be sent to the Auctioneer who will include it in an upcoming auction. Generally lots must be received two months before the next auction to be included in that auction.

Material submitted for auction must be related to the areas covered by Dai Nippon. Material related to the Japanese occupation of territories outside the Dutch East Indies is accepted.

When submitting material for an auction please include a catalogue description, particularly when submitting many lots. This is best done in a Word file in order to facilitate uploading the information.

Lots will be checked for authenticity and quality by the Auctioneer. Forgeries, damaged items, or material of poor quality will not be accepted.

Payment for material sold at the auction will be made by the Auctioneer no later than two months after the auction. This may be extended in case a lot needs to be expertized.

More Detailed Information

For more information contact the Auctioneer or see the Statutes on the Dutch website.

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