Membership Benefits

Several times a year members receive the magazine “Sprokkels” (roughly translated as “Gathered bits and pieces”) with articles relevant to our area of specialization. Sprokkels can be received in Dutch or English as specified on the membership application. Members with known email addresses on file will receive Sprokkels in colour by email. Members without email addresses will receive it by post in black and white. Click on Sprokkels for an example.


There are six club auctions a year. The auctions are the largest venue for buying and selling the stamps of the Japanese occupation and Republik Indonesia in the world. Auctions are for members only. Click on Auctions for more information.


There are regular sales circuits and members worldwide can sell their stamps by submitting sales booklets to the sales circuit leader. However, for insurance purposes the sales booklets are circulated only to members in the Netherlands. Click on Sales Circuits for further details.

Other Benefits

Within our organization there are many members with specialized knowledge. Most are quite happy to share their information and answer questions.

How to Apply
Membership Application  

The first step is to submit a membership application form. Click on Membership Application for the form. Following receipt of the application form, the name of the applicant will be listed in the first following newsletter. If there are no reasonable objections raised by the next Dai Nippon meeting, the applicant will be accepted and notified as such by the Secretary.

Click here to apply online.

Click here to download application form to print and send by mail.

Membership Fees

Annual dues are currently € 25,00 per year. As most communication is by email, this is a worldwide fee regardless of where members reside. Dues may be prorated by quarter for members joining later in the year. Membership fees from new members are due immediately upon acceptance, and the Secretary will communicate the exact amount in the letter of acceptance. Subsequent membership fees are due annually by December 31 for the following year.

Payment Options

With members in many countries with different home currencies, we try to make it as easy as possible for members to pay. For example, payments can be made in euros, in US dollars, and by PayPal. Other arrangements have been made for members in Indonesia, as well as in individual cases. Please see Administration / Payment Options for further details.


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